Fraulein Revoltech - New Generation of Revoltech - - Posted on September, 19 at 2:15 pm

The word “Fraulein” in German which means “girl” or “daughter”, was use as the name of the new generation of revoltech.with new joints, new body shaping….this new generation figure seens well defined of the female character body. by the mean time, I still have not seen the actual figure, but it seens that kaiyodo had succeded to produce a wider range figuring for revoltech generation. 8)

Translated to English Link

Original Japanese Link

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8 Responses to “Fraulein Revoltech - New Generation of Revoltech”

  1. EmilyTheWitch Says:

    can not wait to have this! rei is one of my favourite character

  2. Den Says:

    nice, i need to buy me one of those ^^

  3. Kaiser Says:

    Wow… this new genration of Revoltech toys is just amazing, I’ve heard there´s going to be an Asuka figure too, but since Rei is my favoritr Eva girl, I’m very happy and I can’t wait to have my own Rei figure.

    By the way, this is a great site, thanks for all the info and pictures!!!

  4. Viathan Says:

    Does anyone know if the blanks be availible at some point? They would be great for custom sculps and figures! If anyone finds them let me know.

  5. Viathan Says:

    Anyone know if the ELF 5’s will be up for sale…just the blanks?

  6. larry Says:

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    thank you!!…

  7. tom Says:

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    спс за инфу!…

  8. sam Says:

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    thank you….

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